Ana / by Ante Badzim



There are so many things I want to share with you about Ana. Ana is my auntie, my tetka. She has seen and endured many difficult moments.

To share briefly only one story it would be her experience during the Yugoslavian war in the nineties. When the Serbian army had taken hold of her village and surrounding area, Ana went into hiding.

For several months she would hide amongst the shallow caves near her home to avoid being caught and killed. The area in which Ana stands in this photo was her hiding ground.

Ana would also scatter her possessions amongst rocks and other obscure locations in the hope the Serbs would not find them. To this day some of the items remain hidden as she understandably is unable to remember where they were all placed.

There are gruesome details I am unable to share, but it can be said, Ana endured things that were evil. Things that no sane human would wish upon their enemy. Regardless of her torture she kept fighting.

This woman amongst so much pain and grief remains resilient, positive, loving, gentle and with an infections smile and laugh that would melt your heart.

If I could be only a portion of this incredible human it would be more than enough.

Tetka Ana you are my hero.