My dad gave me my first camera at the age of 10, it was at this early age that photography became an escape and my one true form of expression

My approach is to show the true beauty of the subject and have it demand attention by introducing space and minimising any distractions. The simplest of things, when isolated, can represent something beautiful. What we take for granted seems often to be the most important, when I bring attention to these simple elements it can function as a reminder to truly appreciate the finer things that surround us.

It is humbling to be recognised for my style and photographic achievements by the likes of Instagram, 500px, EyeEm, Collective Hub, Taxi Mag, Brilliant Mag, Cool Hunter, Blow Up, Olympus, Men In This Town, Feature Shoot, Get Lost Magazine, Capture Magazine, Rokeby Gallery, NINESBS among others.

Thank you for being part of the journey, without the support and constant inspiration my passion would simply be a dream.


"A master at capturing simple subjects with style" 500px

"Carefully-orchestrated minimalism." EyeEm

"Suggested User is a dynamic list that highlights some of the top community members on Instagram which includes Ante" Instagram

"Known for his unique eye" Collective Hub

"Ante is one of the most talented photographers I know" Chantelle Ellem

"We've worked with some truly great artists, one of them being Ante" Taxi Mag

"Ante's shots are an epitome of an elegant backdrop" Brilliant Mag

"His work is great!" Blow Up

"Exceptional photographer" Minimal Perfection

"Gifted photographer" Collabor8app

"Ante builds his feed that marries soft and subdued colours with minimalism so effortlessly. A clear vision is the basis of excellent branding." Brand Works

"Vante the name was inspired and comes from the photographer Ante Badzim" V from BTS

"V and Ante have inspired a new wave of budding photographers” SBS

"Amazing work" Feature Shoot

"V is a fan of the photographer Ante" Billboard